Is Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Or Perimenopause Affecting Your Life?

Coaching On How You Can Effectively Manage Your Symptoms And Make Positive Changes For A Healthier Future.

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Is Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Perimenopause causing you symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain, stiffness, nerve sensitivity, brain fog, cognitive impairment, anxiety, lack of quality sleep, depression, changes in mood, hot sweats/flushes to name just a selection.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the weight gain that your condition is causing?

Does The Brain Fog Make It Difficult To Keep Up With Daily Tasks And Work?

Are You Finding That Muscle Pain Prevents You From Going Out With Friends And Family?

Life Can Become Easier

By implementing small, manageable changes to your daily routine, you can take control of your condition, and live the life you deserve.

Enjoying time with friends and family will become easier.

Energy levels can be improved, resulting in a more enjoyable day.

Your mood will lift as you feel empowered, having been given the tools that work for you.

You will no longer feel overwhelmed, as you will know how to overcome the challenges.

I Too Have Fibromyalgia and Perimenopause And Have Developed The Tools To Help You Live Your Best Life

I Have Learnt Over The Years, That Self Care Is Non Negotiable.

With my background in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing I have specifically designed the content with YOU in mind.

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A supportive coach who understands you

Pilates to oxygenate the muscles, deepen the mind - body connection and mobilise joints

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The Reason Clients Enjoy My Coaching

Thank you kindly for your attentive emails with my queries. It’s a lovely website and your style is very calming


On Demand Customer

I was lucky enough to try Hannah's guided meditation for anxiety. For many years I have suffered with depression and anxiety which is often so bad I cannot leave the house. Having tried medication and CBT to no avail I was looking for an alternative therapy. After just 2 minutes of starting this meditation, I could feel the weight of anxiety lift from me. Hannah's demeanour and soothing voice calmed me from the get go and she was so kind and professional throughout. I have since been using the skills she has taught me almost daily when I am anxious. Thank you Hannah! You're wonderful


Guided Meditation

Hannah's yoga and Pilates lessons have been brilliant, especially for my working from home days. The lessons are perfect lengths for a break and a stretch, which is much needed when sitting cramped all day at a desk! The lessons are so accessible for everyone, she explains the positions, how long you will be holding them, and what's coming next. Hannah also shows the positions from different angles which is really helpful, something I've struggled with from other online yoga lessons - knowing if I'm doing them properly.

Hannah has such a lovely calming voice and I find her so encouraging. Looking forward to joining some online classes too! Thank you!! Cat


On Demand

I’ve never been one for the gym but after a recent health check, I realised I needed to take control of my mental & physical health. I’ve never tried Yoga before, but I was recommended Yin Yoga by Hannah after we had an introductory call. I then booked Hannah for a 30 minute, one to one live video Yin class just to see how I would find it. It was incredibly relaxing, something I’ve not been able to do for some months now and I really enjoyed it. I slept so well that night too! I have been continuing and I welcome Hannah's approach of encouraging me to not be perfect, but to practice. I highly recommend working with Hannah.


One to One Coaching

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<p><span style="color: #000000a6;" ><span class="text-2xl">Nicole</span></span></p>, <p><span style="color: #54595fff;" >Guided Meditation</span></p>
<p><span style="color: #000000a6;" ><span class="text-2xl">Cat</span></span></p>, <p><span style="color: #54595fff;" >On Demand</span></p>
<p><span style="color: #54595fff;" ><span class="text-2xl">Brad</span></span></p>, <p><span style="color: #54595fff;" >One to One Coaching</span></p>

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