About me

Career highlights

Over 6 years in agency and in house recruitment

Over 3 years in Human Resources including training and development

Over 10 years as a hiring manager

Wellbeing Business owner and certified Pilates, exercise and Wellness instructor

My career started 20 years ago in the tourism sector as a Customer Service Agent at Gatwick Airport. I knew then that my passion was travel and that I wouldn’t be someone that stands still for long. With every step I took during that time, there was a reason. I was a junior that moved into an admin role, from there into admin management, onto managing bigger teams and then I found recruitment. I soon found that recruitment was where I felt at home and at my happiest. That sense of belonging meant that I became very successful with the support of the team around me, not only that, I was different. I was against the ‘normal’ recruiter grain. Recruitment is a very sales driven role, but for me, I got the most satisfaction from helping people discover that they had more to give than they realised. Getting to know each and every one of my candidates to be able to place them into their ideal role for the long term, was what got me out of bed each day. After a few years of this continued success, it seemed to me that the next place I could make a significant impact was in Human Resources. So, I left recruitment and started in a global insurance company as a receptionist. It made no difference to me at the time that I was taking a lower salary, as I had a vision of what I could work towards, even if at the time the business didn’t know there was a need for what I would soon take on. Within a year, I was solely responsible for the HR function of an 84 strong team. I had put myself through night college and achieved my HR Management qualification and before I knew it, I was responsible for training and development along with the other functions of such a role. Not only did I get to carry out the recruitment with the hiring managers, but I also played a key role in helping staff develop their skills. When I was made redundant, I was devastated. I had to start again and point my head in the direction I wanted to go and not look back. So I did and I retrained in Wellbeing and Pilates instruction which we will come to shortly. To cut a long story short, I moved back to the UK from Ireland and went into Education recruitment whereby I coached secondary school students on how to enter the job market as well as recruit teachers and support staff. As well that, I attended careers fairs giving CV writing tutorials and demonstrations on how to present yourself at an interview.

In 2018, I was burnt out. I have given 110% for so long, I just had to stop. I took myself off to a Holistic Retreat in Thailand for 3 weeks and a new me was born. One week after my return, I had handed in my notice and started my own Wellbeing business. I had no savings to fall back on and I had no idea if my idea was going to work, but what I did have was confidence in myself that I could MAKE it work. The unique selling point for my business was me. Once you get to grips with that, the world is your oyster. Within the first year, it was a huge success, the second it grew. Some may question my decision to leave such a growing interest at the time, however, I had a dream and I had to keep pursuing it. That dream since I was a child, was to work and travel. To live exploring everything that this beautiful planet has to offer. So, with my partner of 23 years, we designed and had made our Tiny House on wheels. From there, I took on seasonal contracts and continued to manage and mentor staff. It is now, in the current crisis that we find ourselves in during March 2020, that I have started this new, exciting venture as I too lost my job due to the epidemic. In such uncertain and frightening times, I want to bring you hope. Whilst isolation is hard, is a perfect time to self reflect. To stop, review, assess what has happened and to positively impact the future. Everything happens for a reason, although you may not see it at the time. My role here is to help you stop, review and assess what you want moving forward so that paired with my drive and passion to see people succeed, I can help you create a healthier, more rewarding career path.

If you made it to the end of that, you have achieved something already. Thank you for taking the time to gain insight and I very much hope that I have inspired you to get in contact to take your next, positive step.

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