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By: Hannah

Assam, India, the last stop

Christmas day ‘Hannah’ style

So last night we arrived in Assam, India. After a crazy cab ride to our hotel, I was joking with Bradley during the nail biting ride, that I’d need someone to take care of my Wellbeing once we got there. Crazy roads dont describe it enough.

But this evening, I’ve just come out of my 2 hour treatment. A foot and back massage followed by an Indian Head massage. I was so relaxed after, I just couldn’t do a video, I wouldn’t have been able to string a sentence together 🙂
But, the experience was interesting. It was ridiculously expensive to start with so I had high expectations. However, it was very much a 5* hotel spa experience. Nice music, dimmed lights, hot towels after each section and a therapist who was just ‘doing her job’. She was absolutely charming, but I had one of those experiences where you come away feeling like it hadn’t ticked the boxes. Unlike China and Thailand, I had no idea what to expect as massage did not originate from here.

In my opinion, spa’s in the UK are like this or a massage from a therapist that mainly does beauty. In my personal experience, its completely different if you see someone that does just massage.
The feeling of relaxtion took a positive turn though when she got to the Indian head massage section. Then I could tell that this is something she was passionate about. This raised a question in my mind, if that was because this technique had been passed down the traditional generations as opposed to massage that is used on wrestlers in India. 
The head massage was a combination of hair growth stimulation and relaxation of the head muscles and after starting the day with a migrane, I needed that today. I am yet to find out the roots of massage her in India but will in the coming days.

Having had a fab experience in Thailand with my treatments, I can hand on heart say that their belief in it being a prescriptive holistic medicine is spot on. 
I hope that clients feel that my passion for wellbeing comes through during treatments. I get so zoned out with the energy I’m pulling from the person presented to me that I just cannot imagine massaging to just go through the motions. I guess that’s where my connection with mind and body comes into play as when I am doing a treatment, I have nothing else in my mind other than making this person feel so much better.
Having tested 5 countries for this, I conclude that Thailand will always stand out for me and if you ever visit this beautiful country, do make the most of their gift.

I will be posted up my top tips to ensuring you have the right experience for you, within the coming days.

For now, enjoy the festive season and those around you.


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