Body Tone Massage


I am a ITEC Distincition qualified Holistic Massage Therapist with experience in Body Tone Massage.

This type of massage works on areas that are causing you concern such as the stomach, legs, arms and bottom. When stubborn fat cells build up, cellulite is formed which can be very difficult for some people to remove. By having a Body Tone Massage, the fat is broken down and pushed through into the Lymphatic system where it will them be removed naturally when you urinate. During this treatment, I use kneading, pounding and tapoment along with a body brush (which will need to be purchased separately but I can advise you on which one to buy). I also have a vibration plate that I am happy to use as part of the treatment once the massage has been completed.

If it very important to say that massage alone will not fix your cellulite and orange peel skin 100%. This treatment MUST be done along side a nutritional eating plan and by drinking plenty of water as well as limiting the intake of caffeine. Along with this, you MUST do regular exercise.

I am a qualified Nutrition & Weight Management Coach and a Pilates and Exercise to Music instructor, so if you would like a package to help you with all of these areas, please do ask for a tailored package price. 

There is never a quick fix for this type of thing and if you are ever told differently, then you must ask yourself how realistic that option is. However, I can say that I have had this done and I know it personally works. I have also helped others and have seen the results. I do offer you the opportunity to have a picture of before and after for your own reference and I also take measurements in your first treatment too. This is the best way for you to be able to see the results fully.

I recommend 1 treatment a week for a minimum of 6 weeks for you to see the results, however, I do offer single sessions and blocks of 3 , 5 and 8 as well.

I offer a professional, confidential and convenient service in the comfort of your own home. I have a super comfortable massage bench and I bring along towels and essential oil massage blends that are proven to work on cellulite too.


1 hour £50
45 minutes £35
30 minutes £25
3 x 1 hour sessions £120 SAVING £30
5 x 1 hour sessions £200 SAVING £50
8 x 1 hour sessions £320 SAVING £80

To book, please contact me via email or by phone

email: [email protected] 

Tel: 0740 0599 902