Food allergy & Vegan travel cards

Allergy and Vegan travel cards have now been launched for 2019!

Following my most recent experience of travelling Asia, I have designed and launched my NEW food allergy cards.

Travelling with food intolerance is tough and can really impact how much you enjoy your holiday. Language barriers can be difficult to over come and in my experience, can cause such frustration that it results in you giving up trying. So whats the alternative? We keep eating food that hurts us or we go without?

I have designed a clear, informative card to be carried in your wallet whilst travelling. By showing them to hotels or restaurants who speak the language on your chosen card, you can remove that frustration above altogether and continue to eat normally.

The clear image and written information will mean that you can be catered for without fuss and confusion. Now isn’t that better!

On each card, you will also see my website address clearly printed. This is a reference point as with each country I visit, I will be adding information to my website of locations that can happily cater for intolerance’s. For those of you that follow me, you will know that I travel extensively and I am excited to be able to grow this database of information as a referral point for us all.

These cards are initially available for gluten/wheat, dairy, peanut allergies and for those that are Vegan in the following:

Thai, French, Greek and Italian

Each card is £3.50 with 4 cards being £11.00.

Postage is charged depending on the weight of the order but at the cost of 1st class stamps.

If you are looking for a specific language, please do contact me. More food allergies will be added in the future so please keep an eye on my website.

For questions on these cards or to order, please email [email protected]

**These cards have been produced using translation current in January 2019. If you have a life threatening allergy, please seek professional advise before relying solely on these cards. Every effort has been made to ensure that these are accurate to ensure that you are aided in your travels. Evolve your Wellbeing accepts no liability to any adverse reactions to foods.