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By: Hannah

Losing weight is hard right?

Losing weight is hard right?

For those of you that have viewed my ‘about me’ video, you will know that I come from a different background to your average Nutrition Coach & Fitness instructor.

Weight loss for me has been a battle my whole life. Medical conditions such as border line diabetes have meant that I need to control my sugar levels in what I eat. Putting weight on seems to happen far to easily and shifting weight is hard, the same for other people. I come from a family of larger people and so I was never going to be a size 8.

Why am I telling you this and posting these pictures?

I pride myself in the fact that I am not trying to coach you whilst being not being a super model. I want to demonstrate to everyone, that weight loss and fitness are a journey.
There are no quick fixes. Whether you eat your emotions, don’t exercise because you are embarrassed of your size and ability or just find that you eat everything you think you should, but still the weight doesn’t shift, I know how that feels.
The reason I re trained in what I have, is to support, coach and guide you from a place that I have been and I won’t lie, I am still in. I am on a journey myself to reach my ideal weight. By working with other people, teaching fitness classes and focusing on Wellbeing, drives me in my mission to achieve my personal goals but also help you reach yours.

If you feel fitness classes scary, please, come to mine.
If you feel, like I do, that diets don’t work, then contact me.

I offer you healthy eating plans and strategies that are about lifestyles changes. My fitness classes are fun, relaxed and rewarding when you see your body and stamina change.

For more information on all of the classes, nutrition and wellbeing services I offer, please view
I also offer 15 minute FREE phone consultations.

(pics below, blue dress current time, the other 2 photos are in the past few years)

Thank you

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