More about me

In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with having dairy, wheat and gluten intolerance’s and was a border line diabetic. As a young woman thinking I knew better, I ignored the advice and carried on as I was. As maturity took hold, over the years I have started to listen more to my body and the message it was giving me. So, I started to cut out all of the food that I should have so long ago. I changed my lifestyle from food to exercise to thinking differently. As soon as I did this, making little changes to start and progressing them with time, I lost over 3 stone. It was all in the lifestyle changes and I was happy with that. Not only that, my flexibility improved from the Pilates, my muscles stop hurting, headaches went as well as many many more symptoms that I had experienced for so many years. I found that my mental health was suffering, my self-confidence had gone and I really had no interest in anything. My social life suffered as I lost interest in life. All because of the way my body felt. But once I started with the fresh start, all of that changed.

When I was made redundant in 2015, I decided that I wanted to retrain in something that could reward people in the way they feel, giving me a feeling of satisfaction that what I was doing made a difference to others. There is no greater reward and job satisfaction than seeing people happy.

I have reached an exciting stage in my life to now be able to offer additional products and services. NEW for 2017, I am offering clients Nutrition & Weight Management Coaching and Pilates classes in various ways. You can take advantage of Nutrition Coaching online to fit your lifestyle when and where you wish, or come and join me in one of my classes in both Nutrition and Pilates in various locations around the area. I am also able to book clients a 1 – 1 appointment on a frequency that suits you. So whether you want coaching one day a month or once every week, I am here to help you achieve your goals. I help and guide people with how to compose nutritious, filling meals on a budget.

I also offer clients an opportunity to book an hour’s appointment for me to come to your home and go through your food cupboards. Together, we will review what you currently have and plan replacements that are learning towards a more balanced diet. I can also create weekly menu’s and shopping lists for you and am at hand to food shop with you. This will give you support in knowing what choices to make when you are in the store.

The service I offer really is tailored to each of my clients. I offer the chance for everyone to transform themselves from inside out as I live by the saying ‘we are what we eat’. I have plenty of personal experience with this and I am confident I can help people in all situations. I have recently returned from a Yoga Detox Retreat in Koh Sumi, Thailand where I have learnt new and exciting recipes to share with you all. These include smoothies, juices and raw food meals and snacks.

I must stress that I do not off a DIET!!! You can achieve your goals through good Nutrition and exercise and this is where I can help.

If your goal is to loose weight we can work on this together, however, it is a complete lifestyle change.

It doesn’t stop there either. For clients wishing to have Holistic Massage and nail treatments, I offer a home visit service to the local area. These will be on an appointment only basis. The beauty of this is that if you have the children at home, you do not have to worry about childcare to be able to enjoy something for YOU!

The Nutrition classes can be for families as well as individuals. An additional service I offer is where I visit your home and help clear your cupboards of products that perhaps it’s time to remove for a more healthy and informed choice. There are plenty of food banks needing donations and so this is a win win situation.

If this sounds of interest, then I would be delighted to tell you more and would love to hear your experience.

For more information, please make contact today. Do not put off until tomorrow the journey that we can start together today. You will not be alone.