About me

In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with having dairy, wheat and gluten intolerance’s and was a border line diabetic. As a young woman thinking I knew better, I ignored the advice and carried on as I was. As maturity took hold, over the years I have started to listen more to my body and the message it was giving me. So, I started to cut out all of the food that I should have so long ago. I changed my lifestyle from food to exercise to thinking differently. As soon as I did this, making little changes to start and progressing them with time, I lost over 4 stone. It was all in the lifestyle changes and I was happy with that. Not only that, my flexibility improved from the Pilates, my muscles stop hurting, headaches went as well as many many more symptoms that I had experienced for so many years. I found that my mental health was suffering, my self-confidence had gone and I really had no interest in anything. My social life suffered as I lost interest in life. All because of the way my body felt. But once I started with the fresh start, all of that changed.

When I was made redundant in 2015, I decided that I wanted to retrain in something that could reward people in the way they feel, giving me a feeling of satisfaction that what I was doing made a difference to others. There is no greater reward and job satisfaction than seeing people happy. Since then, I have been busy adding new qualifications to my name and now offer a range of Nutrition, Weight Management and Wellbeing treatments as well as fitness.

I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) which offers clients peace of mind that my qualifications have been vetted but a governing body. My qualifications also come from City & Guilds, ITEC and ActiveIQ which are all reputable teaching institutions. I also have an Enhanced DBS which is the criminal records check so that you know that you are safe with who is coming into your home environment.

Along with this reassurance, I am fully insured in all areas of the above. I believe it is extremely important to give clients this information so that you know that your finances are being spent with someone that can deliver.

I ensure that all of my classes are relaxed, welcoming and fun as exercise can be hard to commit to for us all. With these qualities, I feel it makes it easier for you to commit to the class long term.

I pride myself in my professionalism and offer you a confidential ear if you need to discuss your goals and Wellbeing. Having come from a background such as mine throughout my youth, I really can empathise with many of your situations. I am a very honest person and if I feel that I cannot help you, I will also refer you to someone that can. The training certified me to be able to teach others but my experience empowered me and gave me strength to educate others.

Not so long ago I wrote an article on just this and you are very welcome to review it https://withhannah.co.uk/losing-weight-is-hard-right/

Please contact me with any queries and I will come back to you post haste.

For more information, please make contact today. Do not put off until tomorrow the journey that we can start together today. You will not be alone.