Nutrition Analytics Report – Love your body

The well known saying ‘we are what we eat’ is very true

In order for you to feel the best version of you, you need to feed your body the right fuel

Do cars work with the wrong fuel? No… why would your body


By providing me with a 5 day food and drink diary, you will get a highly detailed Nutritional Analysis Report which accesses up to 258 nutrients including glycemic load and free sugars.

This will enable you to see your current intake against the recommend amounts. The report details if you are in taking too much, where it is coming from and the implications that this can have on your health. My report will also recommend supplements if required.

By using this information, you will be able to make changes to your food and drink intake to correct these levels. By doing this you will feel better and see the results.

The report shows you the current levels as well as what you should be consuming based on your weight, height and measurements.

This will give you a fantastic start to making sustainable changes to your lifestyle WITHOUT dieting



For a additional report to follow up your progress, you will be entitled to 10% off the normal price