Nutrition & Weight Management Coaching

Do you have a wedding or event next year that you want to look and feel your best for?

Have you gained baby weight that you are looking to loose now that you have given birth?

Do you have a mid life spread that is just not something you want to keep?

Are you wanting to be more healthy but just don’t know where to start?

Do you have a family and want to make sure that you are giving them the best nutritional support you can?

Instead of healthy, tasty and nutritious meals are you reaching for the nearest thing to feed the family because it’s quick and not necessarily good for you?

If the above describes you then please do get in touch.

I am a qualified and insured Nutrition & Weight Management Coach and tailor every package to the client. I do not believe that one solution fits all and that is what I pride myself in. Everyone lives, eats and exercises differently and so what I offer, is JUST FOR YOU.

Some of the examples of what I offer are below:

* To begin with, we will either meet face to face or have an in-depth telephone consultation to review what problems you are facing, what you would like to achieve, how committed your are to doing this and to discuss the budget you have to be able to do this

* Following this, I will assess your current eating patterns and daily intake by asking you to complete a food/activity diary that I provide, for a period of 3 days

* I will calculate the amount of calories you need per day to function, based on this information

* I will analyse the information and provide solutions to the observations I have made and how to eat tasty, nutritious and quick meals. I will also advise how to increase activity

* I will educate on meal planning based on the Eatwell Guide, batch cooking and more

* I offer Pilates sessions at home as an added extra

* I offer to review your cupboards and remove any food that is ‘damaging’ to your health or certainly not going to help you get back to your goals. Any food removed, depending it you agree, is donated to the Food Bank so that it is not wasted

* Together we will set SMART goals and agree timescales for these

*We will work together regularly whether that is weekly or every 2 weeks to see how you are progressing and tweek your plan as and when needed

* I can also offer cooking lessons on basic nutritious meals to get you started

* I am on hand via email, text or calls every day as I am here to support throughout your journey

Nothing I suggest or offer is out of your reach. It is all about making sure that we get you to where you need to be, to be able to live a healthy and fruitful life. By eating the wrong things can cause us to feel down, sluggish, have problems sleeping, lack energy or interest to do anything and really affect self-confidence.

This is all about offering a healthy eating plan that means that you will be changing habits and therefore making a lasting change. I do not offer flash diets, shakes or points counting. I lost 4 stone by healthy eating alone and discovered I had various food intolerance’s to also factor in. Although I still enjoy being indulgent some weekends, my mind is now in a place where I know how to make that just a day and not a life style.

Not only do I work with individuals but families as well. I am qualified, insured and passionate in what I do and due to various personal experiences, I feel I can help you, whatever you want to achieve.

Initial consultations are £30 for a 1 hour appointment

Based on this, a pricing structure will be quoted depending on what you are looking for