Corporate Wellness Programmes

Evolve your employee well-being & build a strong future.

My tailored packages are designed to improve and support the health and fitness of staff, both mentally and physically.

By improving the behaviours of your workforce, you can help your employees lower the risk of burnout and health risks associated with stress. With my support, they can adopt new healthy habits, that will benefit all areas of their lives.

At the touch of a button, staff can have 24/7 access to my Wellbeing platform. In addition, you may wish you hold an in offer Wellness Day, to improve employee engagement, productivity, and motivation.

NEW! Now with the option to hold full health assessments as part of your Wellness Programme.

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Service Overview

My on-demand platform provides staff with 24/7 health and fitness tools to improve their physical and mental health.

Health assessments designed to empower your employees to take control of their health with MI reports for companies with 60 or more employees.

Recharging Wellness Days to create a healthy working environment and revitalise your workforce.

Live Online Classes are bookable on Eventbrite to offer employees continued support outside of the workplace. This includes Q&A sessions, Yoga, Pilates and Self Care workshops.

Onsite Wellness Day Treatments

Chair Massage - The most popular request with the benefit of being hassle-free, unobtrusive, no oils, and it is administered over the clothing.  

Reflexology is a form of complementary therapy that can release tensions throughout the whole body and elevates stress. Can be done on the hands or feet.

Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that focuses on the head, face, neck, and shoulders. By using acupressure to rebalance the body, it promotes relaxation and allows the energy to flow freely throughout.

Onsite Wellness Day Activities

Yoga (Yin/Hatha) and Pilates are safe and effective methods of exercise. There are many health benefits to regularly Yoga or Pilates practice including but not limited to lowering blood pressure, improving posture, increasing circulation, and improving mental clarity.

Mindfulness Meditation is hugely popular with employees. It allows you to be in the moment, and simply let go, focusing on your breath and nothing else. This is a perfect skill to learn that can be taken into every situation inside and outside of the workplace.

Nutrition workshops empower employees to change their eating habits in order to feel better both mentally and physically. With demonstrations, quick and easy recipe guides, and food tastings to suit all dietary requirements.

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Employees Can Find What Serves Them, And Keeping Coming Back With My On Demand Platform.

From waking to bedtime, employees will discover a style that has a profound impact on their mental and physical wellbeing. They can discover new practices, find mental peace, and build physical strength.

The Reason Clients Enjoy My Coaching

Thank you kindly for your attentive emails with my queries. It’s a lovely website and your style is very calming


On Demand Customer

I was lucky enough to try Hannah's guided meditation for anxiety. For many years I have suffered with depression and anxiety which is often so bad I cannot leave the house. Having tried medication and CBT to no avail I was looking for an alternative therapy. After just 2 minutes of starting this meditation, I could feel the weight of anxiety lift from me. Hannah's demeanour and soothing voice calmed me from the get go and she was so kind and professional throughout. I have since been using the skills she has taught me almost daily when I am anxious. Thank you Hannah! You're wonderful


Guided Meditation

Hannah's yoga and Pilates lessons have been brilliant, especially for my working from home days. The lessons are perfect lengths for a break and a stretch, which is much needed when sitting cramped all day at a desk! The lessons are so accessible for everyone, she explains the positions, how long you will be holding them, and what's coming next. Hannah also shows the positions from different angles which is really helpful, something I've struggled with from other online yoga lessons - knowing if I'm doing them properly.

Hannah has such a lovely calming voice and I find her so encouraging. Looking forward to joining some online classes too! Thank you!! Cat


On Demand

I’ve never been one for the gym but after a recent health check, I realised I needed to take control of my mental & physical health. I’ve never tried Yoga before, but I was recommended Yin Yoga by Hannah after we had an introductory call. I then booked Hannah for a 30 minute, one to one live video Yin class just to see how I would find it. It was incredibly relaxing, something I’ve not been able to do for some months now and I really enjoyed it. I slept so well that night too! I have been continuing and I welcome Hannah's approach of encouraging me to not be perfect, but to practice. I highly recommend working with Hannah.


One to One Coaching

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