Holistic Pregnancy Massage

Holistic Pregnancy Massage is highly recommended for ladies during the second and third trimester of their pregnancy.

I am a ITEC Distincition qualified Holistic Massage Therapist with experience.

I offer a professional, confidential and convenient service in the comfort of your own home. I have a super comfortable massage bench or massage chair available depending on the space in your home.

My hands on Holistic approach has been compared to having Reiki by many clients and I have regularly been complimented on my ‘healing hands’. When massaging, I truly have a sense of connection with the muscles and can identify areas of concern, resulting in me helping to elevate those areas of tension, stress and anxiety quickly.

If you feel that you are struggling with stress and anxiety, a Holistic Massage can help greatly.  With busy lives, pressures of work and home can some times get too much. It is often in these times that our bodies tense up and result in tight muscles causing headaches and more.

I have experience of working with clients who are recovering from injury and sporting events, dealing with mental health as well as those who are looking for regular Wellbeing massages.

When it comes to pregnancy, it is important that you remain as calm and stress free as possible. In this busy world, that is hard to do. To keep calm and help your aches and pains, there is nothing more relaxing than a pregnancy massage. Lighter pressure is applied due to pregnancy however whether you would like your sore achy feet massages or your back and legs eased, I am able to help.

I have a spa sized mobile massage bench which is as comfortable as those you would find in a salon as well as a seated massage chair if you have a smaller home space. All you need to do, is relax!

During the massage, I play gentle Reiki music helping you to achieve a deeper level of relation.

Please not that male clients are by referral onlyThere are a great deal of benefits to massage, here is just a selection of these:

It increases energy and mental clarity Improves concentration
Reduces stress & anxiety Relieves muscle tension/stiffness
Improves posture Improves mobility & flexibility
Improves circulation Enables more efficient breathing
Improves skin appearance Strengthens the immune system
Helps balance the digestive system Improves sleep
Helps to remove lactic acid & toxins Supports the lymphatic system
Offers deep relaxation Improves self esteem
Releases endorphin’s – the body’s feel good chemicals Decreases high blood pressure
Helps relieve eye strain, headaches, and migraine

To book, please contact me via email or by phone

email: [email protected] 

Tel: 0740 0599 902

1 hour £50
45 minutes

30 minutes