There is more to remote working than being sat at home.

I’ve been speaking to various companies recently about this very point. I’ve been turned down previously for some remote roles, as I am not based in the same geographical area as the business. Well, isn’t that the beauty of working remotely? You can be anywhere as long as you have an internet connect. Is this an issue with understanding how remote working can benefit those businesses? Or are they trying to attract the remote working demographic to then turn it into an office role without being upfront about it? I not only know my worth but I know and stand by the value that I add to a business. Working remotely whilst travelling Europe, learning about new cultures and fulfilling my dream, only adds to that value. It makes me happy, surely that is what matters. If I’m happy, my motivation is greater, I’m more productive in an environment I thrive in and that comes back to the employer. To all those MD’s and decision makers, please see the benefit of the candidate without letting the ‘way it’s always been done’ cloud your judgement.

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