Why use a Career Coach?

It can be hard making such a life-changing decision, especially when you are unsure what route to take or even start to know where to begin. It is not uncommon for people to procrastinate at a crossroads in their life. As a Career Coach, I am here to help you untangle the confusion, to work with you to establish what you want and to give you the tools to propel yourself into success. Working with me is very much a partnership, I ask for honest and open lines of communication because the more that we can peel back the layers to discover what REALLY makes you happy at work, the greater the rewards will be. In return, I will give you honest feedback, treat you with the respect you deserve, and do my very best to help you set SMART goals, and help you to achieve them.

You are your own unique selling point! My job is to help you see and BELIEVE that you have what it takes to get a job that makes your soul sing and to get you ready to present yourself to the job market.

So, if you are:

Feeling lost and stuck in a role that doesn’t fulfil you

Unhappy every single day and complaining to your friends and family about how bad work is

Being overlooked for a promotion and want to look elsewhere to get the recognition you deserve

Needing help to create the perfect CV and covering letter that sells you to the market or to fine-tune interview skills?

Wanting to know how you can get a job without applying to one single job advert (you read that right, I haven’t applied to a job in at least 7 years)

Then please do contact me. I offer an informal, free discovery call so that you can establish whether I am the right person to help you. There is absolutely no pressure to commit to a course by having this call.