Mental Health Awareness

It’s no secret that mental health has always been and will always be very close to my heart. Each year on World Mental Health Day I post from the heart. Mental Health Awareness is something I am passionate about EVERY day, not just once a year, personally, having been through the darkest of days. But also professionally where I have met remarkable clients who have taken control against all odds. Being there for friends and family at a time when they needed a caring shoulder.

People often interpret wellness, wellbeing, yoga, and self-care in a different way from what each of these intended. In the same way, people can also interpret mental health to be an alternative meaning, like so many health conditions and self-care strategies. Our opinions form part of our individualism, forming who we are, our opinions are not wrong, they are what they are an opinion.

However, when you look at mental health, one thing is clear. Without reaching out, seeking a kind shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen if only just for a while, or a self-help app or guide, then this often-debilitating health concern, remains our nemesis. Keeping us from the present moment. Preventing us from living the life we so dearly deserve, full of joy, colour, and love.

It isn’t your job to fix people. It isn’t your job to take a person’s problem away in the hope they will feel a better version of themselves. But as fellow human beings do we not owe it to ourselves and the universe. To be kind, caring, loving towards others and respect that each and every one of us, is different. We all have quirky bones one way or the other, but acceptance is what makes for a sound and great future.

Key people in your life, will stay in your heart forever.

15 years ago, if my manager hadn’t done just that, I may have been a very different person today. I got the help that I needed. I learned ways to leave my past where it deserved to be. It can still catch me out sometimes, there is no shame in that. My life since that time has been about self-growth, developing my mental strength, and learning how I could become an advocate to support as many people as I could, for the rest of my life without having a detrimental impact on my own wellbeing but having a profound impact on those that needed me.

The greatest advice to anyone reading this that is needing support right now is this. Take a leap of faith. Reach out and talk to someone in your family/friend circle or one of the many incredible charities out there. If they don’t respond in a way that you expected, try not to judge them, it may be that they too need help right now and cannot be a support for you, but don’t give up until you feel heard and safe. Try not to cut off those who have been there before, this isn’t easy, I know.

Give yourself the grace to love yourself, know your boundaries

Give yourself the grace to love YOU, to accept YOU. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with needing support or with mental health concerns. There is no shame in needing someone a little more today than you did yesterday.

You are strong, you are beautiful, and you can do anything you put your mind to. To anyone that hasn’t been told recently, I want you to know, you are doing an incredible job of living today and you deserve to be happy with all the good things that this universe intends for you.

On this World Mental Health Awareness Day, let’s all take a step forward. Lets remove the stigma of talking about such an incredibly important, life-changing topic and open our eyes and hearts to see people. Really see people, without looking through them.

Sending love & support to you all.

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