Yoga And Holistic Health Mentoring Approach

Feeling the best version of yourself doesn’t have to be a lonely process full of hard work and uncertainty.

Through my career and personal life, I have worked with Mentors in a variety of areas for me to feel connected to my authentic self. It is because of that journey, I pride myself in the work that I do with clients. I am a human being at the end of the day and I find life just as challenging as others.

My intention is to make wellbeing informative, transformative, life changing and most of all, FUN!

By providing you with accountability, I’m going to help you show up, be present and invest in yourself, without it being an overwhelming process.

Whether you are looking for someone to talk through challenges with, or simply have a mentor to help breakdown the jargon in wellness, mentoring is for you. Together we can create positive mindset and habit changes that will support you in your present day, and future life.

These are remote sessions, meaning you can be in the comfort of your own space. I also run workshops and offer on demand courses.

Is Mentoring For You?

Do you feel….

Lost, unconnected to yourself and those around you, and not really knowing how to come back from it.

That you are lacking energy and zest for life.

Like you give yourself to others without little or no time for yourself.

That your motivation has gone and you are unsure how to get it back.

Like it’s time to change your mindset and create new, healthier habits.

That talking to someone outside of your friend and family circle could help.

I completely understand these feelings, I’ve been there and still get stuck on occasions. The difference is now that I have my toolkit of selfcare ready for the turbulent times I can overcome obstacles and negative feelings, quicker and more effective. Discover more about Hannah.


Private Yoga/Pilates Sessions

Private sessions are a great opportunity to personalise your practice, focusing on your aims and goals.

They are a safe space for you to explore accessible Somatic, Yin and Hatha yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and Pilates. You can learn how to use props and options to support your practice in class environments, resulting in your mind and body moving in a way that feels good for you.

These are online sessions or on a home visit basis in the Derry/Londonderry area.

Pre And Post Natal Pilates

As a pre and post natal exercise specialist, I design these classes to help you prepare for the pre natal body changes you will encounter and post birth recovery.

Just some of the benefits are

Strengthens your core.

Helps with muscle strength and stability.

You will learn the breath technique which can help during birth.

Helps give an easier and shorter labour.

Strengthens your stomach and pelvic floor.

Helps reduce and manage back pain.

Reduces swelling.

Helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Quicker recovery.

Helps posture imbalance.

These classes are for anyone 14+ weeks pregnant and 6 weeks post birth. For those wishing to incorporate your baby into the class, these are sessions that I offer.

Pregnancy Massage

Home visit treatments are offered in the locality of Derry, Londonderry.

This massage promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, relieves strained backs and tired muscles. It can also help relieve leg cramps, muscle stiffness and improve circulation. All whilst ensuring the safety and comfort of both mother and baby.

I also offer 1-2-1 online sessions, teaching valuable and safe massage techniques that can be carried out at home to aid relaxation and comfort during pregnancy.

Suitable for Mum’s to be that are 12 weeks +.

Holistic Massage

Mobile Massage Derry, Londonderry.

Choose from a selection of treatments, including:

Full Body Rejuvenation Massage.
Remedial Massage.
Stress Release Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage.
Swedish Massage.
Anti Cellulite Massage.
Indian Head Massage.

I also offer online workshops, teaching key massage techniques for self-help in injury recovery and general relaxation, aiding positive mental and physical health.

Corporate And Private Wellbeing Events

My tailored packages are designed to improve and support the health and fitness of staff, both mentally and physically.

By improving the behaviours of your workforce, you can help your employees lower the risk of burnout and health risks associated with stress. I promote healthy habit and mindset shifts that will benefit employee both inside and outside the workplace.

Live Online Classes can also be delivered and tailored completely to your workforce.

Topics can range from…

Holistic physical and mental health.
Eating to support your mood and elevate energy levels.
Bringing desk-based movement into your day.
Tools for productivity, clarity, and wellness.
Mindfulness and mindfulness for personal success.

Contact me today and we can brainstorm what works best for your organisation and your workforce. 

Remote sessions are offered, or, in office wellness days can be arranged within UK/Ireland.