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with Hannah

Why would you hire me as your virtual assistant?

Businesses of various sizes now utilise virtual assistants as it offers a cost effective and efficient way to drive your business forward. You may find that you have adhoc tasks or projects that just do not warrent hiring an inhouse member of staff. With that hire comes over heads, but one of the many benefits of working with me, is that you will save money as you will only pay for my services as and when you need them.

You have the flexibility to either be invoiced on an hourly basis or to chose one of my retainer packages.

Details of the services I offer can be found above and I tailor my approach to each and every client as no two businesses are the same.

To discuss how I can positively impact your business, please contact-me to arrange a complimentary 30 minute telephone consultation. 

Email: [email protected]   

Tel: +44740 0599 902

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