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I am an ITEC Pilates Instructor, Holistic Massage Therapist and City & Guilds Nutrition & Weight Management Adviser. I have personal experience not only with myself but my family too, of the battles faced when it comes to fitness, weight loss and mental health. My background is what drives me to help others overcome barriers and make a change for the better, resulting in a healthier, happier life. Since retraining, I have been empowered to make better decisions for a stronger me. I want to give you the same. I get such a sense of pride in my clients when I see you at the start of your journey, to flourish and become an evolved version of yourself. Join me on a journey that can be personalised for you.

Below details the Nutrition & Wellbeing services that I offer.

Please visit the other pages on my site by using the tabs at the top, for information on Pilates, nail services, baby massage and Reflexology.

All of my services are on a mobile basis where I cover 5 miles surrounding Beckenham. This offers your convenience and you can just relax. I am also able to take payment by credit/debit card as well as cash which is very rare for small businesses. Everything I offer has you in mind to make things as easy as possible so you can just sit back and relax.

I wrote an article on just this and I would love for you to read it and get a sense of who I am.


Holistic & Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes £50
45 minutes £35
30 minutes £25

Reflexology (inc pregnancy)

60 minutes £50
45 minutes £40
30 minutes £25

Nutrition & Weight Control

Mindfulness & Meditation sessions can be added to aid you in your journey

Love your body Assessment of 258 of your current nutrient intake Online £80
6 week programme 6 week personalised 1 -1 fitness & weight loss programme Face to face From £450
Insight of you 1 week support with a personalised programme for long term goals Face to Face/online £100
Deeper insight of you 2 weeks support with a personalised programme for long term goals Face to Face/online £170
Complex insight of you 4 weeks of support with a personalised programme for long term goals Face to Face/online £250
Additional support 2 weeks email support Online £40
Additional support 2 weeks 30 minute per week Skype/phone calls £

Email: [email protected]   

Tel: 0740 0599 902

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