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  • With all of the information on nutrition out there now, are you confused?
  • Do you know how Complex Carbs differ from Protein?
  • Do you know how much of your plate should be filled with vegetables?
  • Do you find yourself wondering around on the food shop with no idea what to get because you haven’t planned ahead?
  • Do you want to loose weight but just don’t know where to start?

If this is you, I can really help you by teaching you about a more balanced diet, resulting in you feeling better as well as many other things.

Evolve your Wellbeing has been created from personal experience coupled with qualifications and passion within my field.

My aim is to provide something for everyone whether it be in a class environment, online coaching or home visits.

I am a qualified Nutrition and Weight Management Coach and paired with my love and qualification for teaching Pilates, being qualified in Holistic Massage and Nail Technician services, I believe I have the perfect job. All of these help people feel better inside and out.

My role is to help and educate you within these areas and I love watching people adapt and change for the better.

I have an Enhanced DBS which allows me to work with children whilst giving parents the peace of mind that this is in place.

Part of the work I do is to work together with you to look at your current nutrition and activity levels, the obstacles that you face and your goals. This is a real lifestyle change and therefore, the new habits and routines that we create together, will be with you for life. This will mean a healthier, happier and more satisfied existence, as you will be providing your body with the perfect fuel for you to be able to live to your full potential.

I also offer clients an opportunity to book an hour’s appointment for me to come to your home and go through your food cupboards. Together, we will review what you currently have and plan replacements that are learning towards a more balanced diet. I can also create weekly menu’s and shopping lists for you and am at hand to food shop with you. This will give you support in knowing what choices to make when you are in the store.

I must stress that I am not offering you a DIET!!! No shakes, no juices, just a positive change in lifestyle 

As you will see from the packages and classes I offer, I am keen to work with families, teenagers and adults to make a change for the future. With children and teens facing much more stress in today’s society and being in a a world were they are often more likely to be seated, I feel it is important to give these children a chance to know how to help themselves.

This can be to reduce stress, to avoid back injuries and to know what to eat to make them feel the best that they can be. By educating adults as well, this will be filtered down.

Welcome to the journey, I hope I see you soon.


Latest Updates

Wickham – The Assembly Halls

The Assembly Halls Weekly classes held at the Assembly Halls, 18 Gates Green Rd, West Wickham BR4 9JW. There are adult, Mother & Baby classes as well as one just for Teens. This location offers free parking and changing facilities. For more information please visit Wickham – The Assembly Halls Page

July 8

Nail Technician Services

Nail Services I offer OPI gel nails along with gel and acrylic extensions. For more information please visit Nail Technician Services

July 8

Kent County Cricket Ground

NEW weekly classes at the Kent County Cricket Ground, Worsley Bridge Rd, Beckenham BR3 1RL. There is free parking, changing facilities with showers and lockers available and best of all, outdoor space for us to enjoy! For more information please visit Kent County Cricket Ground.

July 8