Pregnancy Life With Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain Conditions.

Is There Comfort To Be Found?

That moment where you discover you are pregnant can send you into sheer excitement, you can’t believe the test, you check several times, you ask others to check it for you. You scream from the roof tops at how amazing this is. Then, things settle, and anxiety takes hold. ‘How am I going to cope with a baby AND Fibromyalgia?’ or ‘I can barely move on some days as it is, will that get worse with the pregnancy?’. Questions rush into your mind turning what was a euphoric moment, into one of sheer worry.

Breath, take a moment, close your eyes and balance your body. You have got this. With support, the love of those around you and you knowing your own body and limitations, this is going to be amazing.
I always say that every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case, that is going to be the middle months of pregnancy. Your powerful pregnancy hormones are going to mask that Fibro pain that has been a thorn in your side, literally! You will discover what life is again with reduced pain and much more energy in this phase.

You will are going to have the hormone ‘Relaxin’ racing around your body

During pregnancy, you will are going to have the hormone ‘Relaxin’ racing around your body, which allows the pelvic girdle to gentle expand and as a result, it will alter your connective tissue fibres, muscles, and ligaments. Now, this doesn’t mean to say you can try and wrap your legs around your neck with this found movement, oh wouldn’t it be nice to though! No, it does mean however that you are going to experience less pain. Oh yes! I hear your say.
Let’s put our practical head on though for just 1 minute. I know I know, practically can be boring, but trust me, lets try for just a short moment.

Number 1

Consider the arrival of your baby a project. No, don’t go getting your spreadsheet ready, but do think of the stages of what is about to come and prepare for them accordingly. How are you going to hold your baby when the Fibro pain starts to return? How will you manage with the ‘baby brain’ and Fibro fog IF it comes back? Do you have family at hand that can help so that you nap in the day?

Number 2

When choosing a cot, consider opting for one that is high so that you will not have to learn over and into it. On days where your Fibro points are at their worse, this will intensify the problem and upset you at the same time. Perhaps opt for a higher one and take the mental and physical strain out of lifting your baby in and out.

Number 3

Buggies! Oh my goodness, there are some Rolls Royce’s out there now, but have you felt them! They weight a tonne! It’s important to keep in mind how you will be able to push it should you get pains in the arms. Does it have ample space to carry the items you will need, to save you carrying a bag?

Number 4

If you have experienced tight fingers and cramping in the hands before, you will have already experienced how difficult doing up buttons can be. Clothing with Velcro can offer a more comfortable option.

As your pregnancy develops and the weight you are carrying increases, back pain can develop. By doing just 10 minutes a day of pregnancy Yoga or Pilates can have offer such welcome relief to days where it may be worse than others. When teaching in a studio previously, I had expectant mothers coming into me barely being able to walk and sit down on the mat. Afterwards, they felt energised, the pain had eased, and they had been able to focus on being present and directing the breath into those areas of concern. I always felt such a huge sense of achieve when you see the before and after effects.

I don’t need to go into labour with you, you know what that end goal is and for short term pain, you have a lifetime of gain. But what I will say is start now to take part in mindfulness meditation. If you have never done it, this is a fantastic time to start. You can connect to your body in such a profound way that will connect you to that inner baba that you are growing. You will develop techniques that you can take into labour, to help you stay as balanced as you possibly can.

I’m a pre and post natal exercise specialist

As a Pre & Post Natal Exercise specialist, I design and guide clients through this magical time of their life. I have worked with hundreds of pregnant women, helping them to reduce their stress and anxiety levels and promote a calmer, more nourishing way of dealing with the challenges that are to come, not only mentally but physically too. Yoga & Pilates are fantastic practices to do whilst pregnant. If you are 12 weeks or more, you can start embracing this journey and start to create the building blocks which are going to help you through labour and beyond.
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You have totally got this beautiful! I am here to help you create a more peaceful, balance pregnancy.

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