Spiritual Benefits Of Doing Yoga

Regardless of our religion or view of spirituality, most of us feel there’s something else, beyond our bodies and our thoughts. The spiritual aspect of our lives is what gives us purpose, and greater meaning. But what are the spiritual benefits of doing yoga?

Only when we can feel our greater purpose, can we combat our daily struggles long-term? For me, I believe in the Universe. I believe that by putting positive energy and thoughts out into the Universe, will come back with a happy, rewarding life. You get back, what you put in, has always been something I believe. It all goes together with positive language, but that’s another day’s blog.

Yoga can give you that. The focus on the movement and breath allows you to calm your thoughts. It can take time to find your way and to find what feels good within Yoga. But when your thoughts and emotions are calm, you are able to return to the present moment. The present moment is when spirituality happens. 

Every person can experience something different in spirituality.

Every person can experience something different in spirituality. It can be that you simply feel a state of love and bliss. Some get physical sensations, others have visions. That’s why it’s hard to explain what spiritual benefit you can expect from yoga. Yoga is very individual – and the best things happen when you don’t expect them.

Still, what we can promise is that you can expect to gain spiritual experience, knowledge, and understanding. When this begins to happen, yoga stops being merely a physical practice, and it becomes a part of your life. You start using the practice to improve yourself, to treat yourself and others better, and to finally find meaning, love, and true joy in this beautiful life you were given. What are the spiritual benefits of yoga for you?

The way I handle situations since Yoga entered my life, is a far cry from days gone by.

The way I handle situations since Yoga entered my life, is a far cry from days gone by. I hear people’s words, if they are negative, I don’t allow them to settle. I let them wash over me and instead, my thoughts go toward that person. Why do they feel that was appropriate? Are they emotionally hurting? Do they need someone to talk to? Sometimes, the words sting, and it takes me some time to get over them. But whilst I’m experiencing that, I keep bringing my awareness back to the present moment.

All of this is exactly why old Indian yogis created this practice in the first place. The goal was to reach a higher state of being and to live spirituality both on and off the mat. 

Keep doing the type of practice you enjoy and discover the spiritual benefits of doing Yoga.

Keep doing the type of practice you enjoy, incorporate what you learned into your everyday life, and see for yourself how you and your surroundings change for the better.

Bring more joy, peace, love, and meaning into your life, and enjoy the process of improving your life little by little, every day with yoga. 

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