Why Is It Important To Practice Yoga?

Yoga has been increasingly popular as the years pass by. Since Covid, however, it has rocketed in its popularity. You may hear more often of people in your circles enjoying the practice. There’s something magnetic about the practice, that makes everyone instantly attracted to it. I found Pilates before I found Yoga. But when I discovered Yoga, everything just fell into place. I found my happy place on my mat.

Although it’s getting more and more popular, yoga is much more than just a trend. Even if people go to their first class because they’ve seen others do it – that’s not why they stay. Finding the right practice for you is key. It’s the difference between making Yoga a journey and deciding it’s not quite right for you. Why is it important to practice yoga? Well, the answer is that you will feel a sense of calm, happiness, and generally at ease as time goes on.

That Moment In The First Class

When you go for your first yoga practice, you might think it will improve only one aspect of your life. Perhaps you do it for its physical benefits, or because you want to incorporate some type of spiritual practice into your life. But soon you realise it seems to affect every aspect of your being – and that’s exactly what it is intended to do. It certainly has mine.

My happy place, beach yoga.
My happy place, the beach.

The True Importance Of Yoga

The original yogis understood that humans are physical, mental, and spiritual beings. They developed yoga in an effort to help harmonise all three levels of our beings. True yoga in India didn’t develop only around physical exercise. It was primarily a spiritual practice focused on the development of virtues that help us reach our highest potential and find purpose in our life.

Still, even if you only practice the physical postures or asanas, you will see a change in all three levels of your being. That’s not only a promise coming from the subjective experiences of practitioners, it is also something that we can and have proven by science today. 

Physical yoga practice is a form of education about living a better life. On the mat, we become aware of our body and our movement. We connect to our breath and learn to control it. The breath serves as a sort of bridge between our physical body, our mind, and our spiritual self. You can experience that as soon as you start controlling your breath. And you don’t have to believe us to our word – you can try it right now. It takes time to fine-tune mindful breathing, but even just a couple of minutes each day will have a profound impact on your health.

Just Breathe

The importance of breathing in yoga when you start is not the main focus. But just choosing just one element each time, will help deepen your love for it. Start deepening your breath. Many people shallow breathe and really don’t reap the full rewards of a wholesome, deep, long breath. That means your inhales and exhales get longer, and you activate all the organs involved in the breathing action. As you inhale, lift both your belly and chest and try to make your exhalation longer than your inhale. Only after a couple of moments, you will experience a sense of calm, your thoughts will be quieter, and you will enter a state of meditation. Try closing your eyes and breathing for a minute or two. If you feel unbalanced, try doing this while sitting down.

Now, in only a few moments of conscious breathing, you have experienced the true importance of yoga. Without any preparation – you have managed to connect your body, your mind, and your spiritual presence. As you can see, you don’t need any expensive equipment or clothing. Just you and your breath.

You Will Feel The Breath Deepen And Heal

When we start practicing yoga regularly, we learn of this control over our bodies. We learn we can calm ourselves down, heal our pains, and become aware of the present moment. This happens even if we’re not aware of it, but it does become more significant when we are conscious of what we’re doing.

After you learn to connect your breath, movement, thoughts, and emotions during a one-hour yoga class, you can begin to take that skill and incorporate it into life off the mat. 

That’s the true importance of yoga. When you learn this important knowledge, you will see the benefits in your everyday life, and your well-being will improve. 

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