What Is The Only Mineral That We Cannot Live Without?

Having taken part in a Magnesium masterclass and researched this life saving mineral, I’m keen to share this with you. It completely blew my mind

Do you ever get home and just fall onto the sofa. You sit and wonder how on earth you actually made it through the day?

I know I have, especially with the Fibromyalgia these days.

Always planning, looking after the family and friends, decisions constantly needing to be made and general day to day goings on all impact our mind. The body and mind are put under such stress, but can anyone say they take care of both 100% of the time?

When feeling unwell, do you taken time out and analysed what you are eating to establish whether it is a vitamin or mineral deficiency? Or is the first thing you have done is reached for the phone to call the GP or ask Dr Google for some help. Be honest, it is ok, there is no judgement either way.

However, it is my opinion and that of many nutritional experts, that the answer can be found in your diet and require medical intervention. Of course, there are health conditions that do need GP support and it is certainly worth checking. However, wouldn’t it be great if instead of antibiotics, we were offered the Eastern way of doing things. 

GPs are exceptional in their field but as part of their studies, they have not always studied nutrition. Their education is predominately on which drugs to prescribe for each condition. There is far too much money in pharmaceutical’s these days for that to change anytime soon in my opinion.  In my ideal world, I would love for people to be directed down a holistic and nutritional route rather than a pharmacy for drugs. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of telling us to take anti-inflammatory drugs, they told us to take ginger and turmeric? Don’t get me wrong, there are some aliments that require modern day medications, and you should always get your concerns checked out if they are worrying you.

For now, though, let’s talk about Magnesium.

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 functions and processes within the human body. It is widely known as the ‘miracle mineral’ and comes directly from the earth. It is one of mother nature’s wonders.

We are generally all deficient in Magnesium which has been proven in many studies worldwide. We are no longer getting the minerals in our diet as there is too much sulphur in the earth, the way farming is carried out and acid rain is hugely responsible for that. The recommended daily dose is 320mg – 420mg and we are barely getting half of that. Due to this, we are finding that symptoms are experienced due to our deficiency. Just a small selection of these is:

·         Fluctuating weight and the struggle to lose weight

·         Sweet cravings on a regular basis

·         Muscle weakness and cramping

·         Increased heart rate

·         Low blood sugar

·         Headaches and migraines

·         High blood pressure

·         Depression

·         Nausea

·         Poor sleep patterns

We literally need this mineral for the digestive and nervous system, muscles, kidneys and liver, hormones, glands, and brain.

Magnesium is a water-based mineral which means that ever the body doesn’t need, it will excrete via urine. Blood tests by GP’s are inconclusive as it will not show up the true levels of Magnesium that we have in our system. This is down to the fact that 50% of our requirements are stored within our bones and released into the blood when it is needed.

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