The Physical Benefits Of Doing Yoga

In this blog, we continue to look at what the benefits of yoga are.

I speak from professional and personal experience when I go into the benefits of Yoga. You are healing yourself; you are building your spiritual practice, you are improving your mental health. With yoga, you gain back control of your own being. That empowerment is what makes it so important, especially in this fast-paced time in which we are living today. There is a misconception that because it is a spiritual practice, it is a religion. It is not the case.

Some people wonder if they’ll lose weight when doing yoga. Some want to improve their performance, whether it is greater flexibility or strength. The third wants to heal their chronic pain or improve their posture. The truth is – yoga does all that. The physical benefits of doing Yoga are endless, in my opinion. Yoga is my first point of call when my Fibromyalgia flares up. I go straight to the mat when I feel unsettled. When my muscles are tight or my back is uncomfortable from a night’s sleep, yep, you got it, I head to my mat.

You don’t need to turn into a pretzel to feel the benefits of yoga!

The reason why yoga improves every aspect of your body is that it uses primal movements. When you observe yoga poses, you will notice you’ve done many of them since you were a child. We squat before we walk, and nearly every child tries rolling on the floor, stretching, and doing the candle pose. Granted, there are some extremely flexible people out there that display all kinds of pretzel movements on social media. But this isn’t everyone. It doesn’t need to be everyone. It sure as heck isn’t me!

With yoga, we’re not focusing only on one aspect of our body. We’re doing natural movements that simultaneously improve our strength and range of motion.

There are many styles of Yoga, they may not all suit you. They don’t me!

Still, there are different styles of yoga you can do, if you want to focus on a certain physical benefit. All styles will still improve every aspect of your body, but some do some things a bit better than others.

For example, if your main goal is to build strength and to lose weight, a more dynamic style of yoga would be appropriate. There are many styles of dynamic yoga, including Ashtanga, Rocket yoga, Iyengar yoga, Hot yoga, and more, but they can all be described as Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa yoga is every type of practice where you spend a lot of time in standing poses and move through them at a fast pace. 

The benefits of yoga aren’t about losing weight or being flexible

On the other hand, those who want to combat back pain and other chronic issues, or want to improve their flexibility, will be attracted to more gentle yoga styles. Although Hatha yoga meant something else in the past, today we relate this word to a slow and gentle yoga style. Other variations are Restorative and Yin yoga. In these styles of yoga, we spend most of our time in sitting and lying positions, and we hold them for longer. These are the two styles that I LOVE and I therefore teach. The physical benefits of doing yoga for me are to reduce pain, stretch, improve my circulation, help build strength and be positively body confident.

Most yogis are attracted to one style of yoga the most. Still, with time, you will realise you don’t have to decide. Simply choose the style of yoga that gives you the physical benefit you need at this day, this season, or this period of your life. 

#whatarethebenefitsofyoga Hopefully you can now answer this one.

What Are The Benefits?

It makes your bones stronger, without resorting to drugs.

With regular practice it has been studied and confirmed that it increases bone mass, especially of the vertebrae and femur.

The risk of osteoporosis and injuries is therefore reduced, in the face of better posture.

Improve strength and tone muscles.

Positions and sequences strengthen every single muscle, even the deepest and least known ones

Most affected are the abdominal and back muscles, which represent the centre of your body.

Increases the flexibility of body and mind.

Flexibility is undoubtedly one of the best known and most proven benefits of yoga. With yoga you become more flexible. Not only physically, but also mentally. More flexible towards others, but above all towards yourself.

“Flexibility is not a prerequisite of yoga, it is a benefit.” Cit. And that is why you can practice Yoga even if you are not flexible at all.

Increase your balance, the balance positions are many: standing, on one leg or on the head.

With practice, stability improves considerably, your body becomes more balanced and cantered in everyday life. It is precisely for this reason that Yoga can help you improve your balance in other sports as well. Physical stability is connected and opposed to mental stability.

When all systems, both internal and external, are balanced, the state of health and harmony you get is indescribable. Yoga improves digestion and makes you lose weight. Yoga, thanks to its system of techniques, both physical and mental, also helps to rebalance the digestive system.

Detoxifies your body.

There Are More!

This is not an exhausted list. There are so many that I could share, but I think that’s all I can fit on here for now. Check these out!

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With so many #styles of Yoga it’s important that you find the one that resonates with you.

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