Why Yoga?

The desire to devote yourself to a discipline that makes you feel good has increased. Many more people these days are asking ‘what is yoga?’.

Today it is more and more widespread. Perhaps in a certain sense, it is also a bit of a trend, if you do yoga, you are more “cool”. But it is welcome to be when the result is good for yourself and your health.

That’s right, the benefits are innumerable, both physical and mental. I don’t know if you do Yoga or not, but after this article, I assure you that you will have excellent reasons to try or deepen the practice.

“If only people knew how good the body can feel,” said a wise old man

And there is nothing truer! But let’s go specifically.

If the mind is fine, the body is fine, and vice versa. It may seem obvious to you, but it is not.

It is also a spiritual discipline, which concerns our interiority, our essence, and our being.

The practice includes physical exercises (ASANA), breathing exercises (PRANAYAMA), and meditation.

What Is The Healing Power Of Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice passed down for thousands of years. The word “Yoga” itself means, ‘to bind’ and therefore, it helps the mind, body, and soul to feel at ease by encouraging you to release high-vibration feelings altogether. 

Yoga is a great way to improve your overall balance, strengthen muscles and prevent injuries. The calming effect of Yoga also helps with mental health issues like stress or anxiety. 

What can a practice performed with only a mat give you?

“If you think yoga is all about touching your toes or balancing on your head, it means you are missing out on most of its gifts and beauty.”

Yoga is a practice that has been practiced for centuries in India and emerged as one of the six orthodox systems of Indian philosophy. 

Yoga later became prominent as different populations worldwide became increasingly stressed and anxious about their life’s challenges – from work deadlines, family issues, or health concerns like anxiety. That’s the time when they come looking for Yoga as a solution. 

How Can It Make a Difference

If you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, or unhappy for most of your day? 

Then chances are, you have a disturbed inner Chakra Balance, and you can use the healing power of yoga in your daily life to maintain your mental and physical health balance. 

Stress affects our lives physically and emotionally, making it hard to focus daily. Yoga offers several ways of dealing with stress, including active meditation, deep stretching, along muscle-strengthening workouts. All this produces, Yoga is beneficial for the body and the mind.

My blog series and personalised coaching, is here to enlighten you with the healing power of yoga and how yoga can make a difference in your life. If you practice it daily you will benefits from all of the goodies that Yoga has to offer. So, if you’re interested in living a healthier, more productive life, then follow this series and also come and join my community @evolvewithh on the socials.

What Does Yoga Mean?

It means UNION: of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Many of us may have рrасtiсеd Yoga fоr уеаrѕ, уеt when ѕоmеоnе asks about a definition оf whаt Yoga iѕ, I can bе hаrd pressed tо givе а concise answer. It’s more of a feeling than a description. Still, let’s try and enlighten those who are still unable to experience the virtue of humanity named Yoga. 

Why Does Help Me Stay Calm?

Yoga helps you stay calm during these harsh times by providing physical postures to release tension through controlled breathing techniques and decrease high blood pressure levels. When done regularly enough, you can help us build mental clarity that will help keep your mind strong against any stressors outside the situation, just like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the last couple of years, accessible Yoga has become widely available. This is what I am passionate about. We scroll through social media and there are hundreds and thousands of wonderful postures and poses but many of them are just unobtainable to most people. Yoga doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care about your height, shape, colour, or gender. It just cares about the holistic you.

As we all know, COVID-19 has negatively impacted our mental health the most. Therefore, over the coming weeks, every Monday, you will learn the basics of Yoga, details about mental Yoga’s health benefits, and how to start practicing mind yoga every day for a better state of mind, especially during such a pandemic crisis. 

Don’t Let Finances Stop You, I Can Help

If you are a beginner and would like some one-to-one coaching, reach out to me. I am very aware that we are in a cost-of-living crisis, and this may not be possible for everyone. However, please do not let the finances hold you back. I can work with you on this. Yes of course, I need to earn a living, like us all. But I don’t want to leave anyone behind. Especially if the reason is that your finances are placed elsewhere to live. Reach out to me. I can help.

Yoga is my life. Why? Because it understood me, didn’t judge me. It filled me with hope and faith.

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